Have no Fear / King&Nir / Are Here

Nir Yaniv is the team's vocal-instrument and loop-operator. He's an instrumental-vocalist, bassist, singer, soundman and science-fiction author. Among his past projects: Funkapella, Vocaliens, The Universe in a Pita, and participation in numerous other groups. In his spare time he creates music for film, theater and dance shows.
All of the team's music was recorded in his studio, The Nir Space Station.

King Cano Huricane Kwa-Zulu is the team's human drum machine and MC. He's a beatboxer, lyricist, raggaeman and poet. For the last 18 years he's been traveling around the world and making music.  Among the musical groups he's a member of: ME/WE, Sky High Band International, Jacket, BlackList, Drum Machine.